Liquid Becomings
the theme song of Liquid Becomings
Written and produced by Marija Balubdžić (alias Umbra)

MOTILITY¹ is an instrumental piece that sings of liquid friction in a riverbed. Such musicality draws on the tilted polyphony of manually arpeggiated layers. Learning from the currents of swelling water bodies, the fast musical layers keep growing in number. They are performed by a plucked synth and alto flute dipped in shimmering reflections. They speak for the innate motor of the river, as its rhythmic symbol. Infused is also a hidden melody. It drifts, giving out slow glimpses. As follows, the differently-paced layers create confluence. MOTILITY styles a temporary musical grammar to transpose the variances of water movement by introducing a confluence counterpoint. For the ear to bathe in.

¹ Feeling, movement, motion, mobility.

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